Wednesday, May 12, 2010

City Overview

Last week i went to London. I went to London for a leisure trip. It was a pleasurable one and i enjoyed the most. London is a beautiful city to explore and especially attractions of London. There are numerous ways to enjoy the city. London is the capital of England and the United Kingdom. It is the UK's largest and most populous metropolitan area and the largest urban zone in the European Union. London is a leading global city being one of the world's largest financial centres. Hotel Kensington Court is located in the paush area of the London. It is just few kms away from the centre attractions of the city. This location makes the Londen hotel a versatile establishment, suitable for business people and tourists alike. London is a 21st richest city in the World. It is a major tourist destination for both domestic and overseas visitors. London has a diverse range of peoples, cultures and religion. London's buildings are too diverse and unique to be characterized by any particular architectural style. Hotel Astor Court is located between Regents Park and Oxford Street near shops. It is also close to many of the great attractions of the city. It is the best sleep in London in terms of the cuisines. It serves the best food of the city. London's most admired beauty also includes the parks and gardens. The largest parks in the Central area of London are the Royal Parks of hyde Parks. Regent's park contains Lomdon Zoo-the World's oldest scientific zoo and is located near the tourist attraction of Madame Tussauds. London contains four World Heritage Sites: The Tower of London, The Historic settlement of Greenwich, the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and the site comprising the Palace of Westminister, Westminster Abbey and St. Margaret's Church. Hotel Rathbone is a charming boutique hotel. It offers the best rooms with the delighted service. It is centrally located in the heart of the West - end. Just a stroll from the hôtel à Londres you'll find the Covent Garden, Soho and Theatre District. London has a Temperate Marine climate.


London has traditionally been Christian, and has a large number of churches, particularly in the City of London. London is a major centre for International business and commerce is one of three ''Command Centres" for the world econmy, with New York city and Tokyo. The monarchy is a constant source of fascination and intigue for London visitors. London is home to more than 300 mueseums and galleries. It makes it as the epicentre of culture and collections.Infact London hosts an outstanding collection of world-class museums. Hotel 54 Boutique is a boutique hotel. It have its own special qualities. Its a quiet sanctuary from bustle of London where they can relax in comfort. This London Hotel reflects the best of reflect best of contemporary style. London is a vibrant place where there's so many new things going. London is brimming with exciting things to see and do. Enjoy the stunning views from the London Eye, explore the Tate Modern or soak up the historical sights of St Paul's Cathedral and the Tower of London as you experience the past, present and future of this fantastic city. Hotel Duke Of Leinster is a Victorian style hotel. It is located in the Bayswater close to Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens. It is also close by Paddington Station. It is the newly built hotel oferta Londres and well equipped with all the facilities.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Attractions of the City

The beautiful city also have numerous attractions. These attractions are fascinating in their own terms. These attractions of the city attracts a large number of tourists every year. Here im gonna discuss the top 10 attractions of the city which deserves a must view. Firstly, The Houses of Parliament with Big Ben- it is the place where laws governing British life are debated and enacted. Hotel Gallery is located in a beautiful place. It is beautifully designed in a Victorian Style. It offers the quality services. This citytrip Londres have elegant atmosphere with all the modern amenities. Tower Bridge- One of the most famous London attractions and just over a hundred years old, the Tower Bridge with its twin drawbridges, or bascules. Thirdly, Buckingham Palace - Popularly known as "Buck House", has served as the Monarch`s permanent London residence since the accession of Queen. Hotel Tophams is a boutique hotel in London. It is a luxury hotel just few kms from the Victoria station, in the historic district of Belgravia. This hotel London offer also has a Business centre and a restaurant. It is also close to the famous attractions of the city. London Eye -Based on the bank of the River Thames near Waterloo Station this is a spectacle well worth a visit. This London attraction will blow your mind away. Hotel Buckingham Palace is in the heart of the London. It is very close to Victoria trains. It is one of the best hôtels à Londres in the city which provides the best of all services. Trafalgar Square- here Here the statue of Admiral Lord Nelson dominates the square from 167 feet above it. Built to commemorate his naval victory in 1805 it is the focal point of this magnificent area.


Other 5 attractions of the city are : The Tower of London - Overlooks the river at the eastern boundary of the old city walls. Chiefly famous as a place of imprisonment and Tower of London imageexecution, it has variously been used as a royal residence, an armoury, a mint, a menagerie, an observatory and - a function it still serves - a safe-deposit box for the Crown Jewels. Hotel My Place is an elegant hotel in Victorian style in London. It is situated in a quiet street. This hotel is ideal both for the business people and the tourists. This hotel in Londen also have close proximity to the main attractions of the city. The British Museum- this national institution attracts millions of people each year. Tate Gallery of Modern Art - The building was transformed from an old power station by the Swiss architectural duo Herzog & de Meuron at a cost of 130 million pounds. This gallery of modern art and sculpture is becoming very popular. Hotel Central Park is located on the ideal location. It is also near to the Central London. It is just a few metres away from the splendours of Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens in Central London residential area of Bayswater. This Attractions in Vienna will satisfy all your needs. National Gallery- it is next to the National Portrait Gallery on the north side of Trafalgar Square you will find the National Gallery which was founded in 1834 and houses one of the greatest art collections in the world. B.W. Victoria Palace is at an excellent location in London. It is a modern and a friendly place to enjoy your stay. This istanbul attractions is just few kms far from the Victoria bus, train and metro station. The 10th attrcation in my top 10 list is The Victoria & Albert Museum- This is the home of applied arts. Due to the sheer variety and scale of exhibits there is bound to be something to grab your attention. It has the world`s largest collection of Indian art outside India, Chinese, Islamic, Japanese and Korean galleries. Hence, these are the beautiful attractions of the city. There are many more but these are the most visited one.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Nightlife in London


London has a vibrant nightlife including clubs and late-bar bars. All major music acts stop in London when on tour and many bands start their careers here, so the choice is vast. London has one of the coolest clubbing scenes in the world. London has hundreds of nightclubs playing all kinds of music so choosing this top ten wasn't easy. I’ve chosen night club venues, and not club nights, as the special nights come and go but the best venues remain. Hotel Kensington Rooms is a contemporary hotel. It is a place where you'll get everything whatever you need. This famous attractions in amterdam is an ideal venue for a whole host of events from product launches, brainstorming sessions, training courses, cocktail and dinner parties. London is world famous for its party vibe and non-stop nightlife. The capital is seething with after-hours drinking and dancing dens of all shapes and sizes. From the pulsating dancefloors of major nightclubs to the chilled intimacy of smaller DJ bars. It was really good to enjoy the nightlife in the London, as whatever i heard now i've enjoyed all that in the city while i was staying in the city.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Destinations around London

Paris, Brussels and Rome


After London i want to visit one more paradise on earth, so i started my journey towards Paris, the most beautiful city. Paris is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Paris is the cosmopolitan capital of France. The city receives more than 45 million tourists annually. The Paris region is France's premier centre of economic activity. I stayed in the book hotel Paris which was located in the heart of the city. The city and region contains numerous iconic landmarks, world famous institutions and popular parks. I enjoyed alot in my hotel boeken Parijs especially the spa facilities and food. Three of the most famous Parisian landmarks are the twelth-century cathedral Notre Dame de Paris on the IIe de la Cite, the Napoleonic Arc de Triomphe and the nineteenth-century Eiffel Tower. My hotel en Paris was also close to the shopping streets in the city. The line of monuments begins with the Louvre and continues through the Tuileries Gardens, the Champs-Elysses, and the Arc de Triomphe, centred in the Place de I'Etoile circus. The Palais Garnier, built in the later Second Empire Period, houses the Paris Opera and the Paris Opera Ballet, while the former palace of the Louvre now houses one of the most renowned museums in the world.


Then i thought of moving to Rome. It is the wonderful city to visit. Rome has been influential in the world regarding subjects such as architecture, culture, politics, literature, law, philosophy and religion. It is also recognised as a centre of the arts and education. Enjoy your stay in the dormir à Rome as i enjoyed and take the savour of everything but slowly. It is not a city where you can just stroll and its over. Its a giant city with all the attractions lying with it. Churches fill during Mass, and the priests, dressed in purple, cream or red silk (right down to their socks), read the rites to a hushed congregation (mostly from out of town. My hotel reserveren Rome was located in the heart of the city centre. Rome is one of the world's most photogenic sites.These sites indcludes-The Vatican, the Trevi Fountain, St Peter's Square, Spanish Steps, Colosseum. Whether you spend your time sightseeing, or lazing in cafés watching the world go by, it will be your turn to feature in your very own Roman Holiday. Rome is a romantic place for honey-moon, favorite holiday destination, and city of fashion. Some Rom Hotel are facing such way that they'll give you a look of the beautiful city. You can see a lot here in just a couple of few days if you are upto it. Vatican mueseums are a must. Simply stunning.


Brussels is also a beautiful city which i was wishing to visit and finally i fulfilled my dream to visit the best city. The vibrant atmosphere of Brussels is further enhanced by picturesque medieval streets, lively squares, beautiful boulevards, impressive monuments, spacious parks, cosy cafes, interesting restaurants and an active cultural life. I accomodated myself in the best hotels in Brussel of the city. May be the charges are more but this is for sure that you'll enjoy the most. It is an cosmoplitan city where many different cultures live together nad different languages can be heard on each street. Some of the hoteles en Bruselas in the city are located near the natural landscapes. If you are in Brussels so you cant miss the choclates. Brussels is famous for its choclates. Brussels is home to one of the greatest beer traditions in the world. Belgium Beer Tour is a tour operator specializing in tours of Belgium breweries. You can also enjoy the savour of the best beers in your Hotel in Brüssel Belgien room. So if you are not willing to go anywhere still you can enjoy where you are staying.